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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your shooting style?

With more than eight years in the journalism industry, I'm great at capturing the story as the day unfolds and including the tiny details that give color to the story. 

However, during the portrait session, I usually direct the general posing ideas because beautiful lighting doesn't always land naturally to flatter the subjects. My next step is to make the interactions and expressions real. The biggest reason most photographers who are photojournalists don't pose portraits is because they simply don't know how. Therefore, I set the stage but let the beautiful moments come naturally. 

How long does it take for us to receive the photos?

Depending on the length of the event and the season it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks for photography. Editing takes as much time as shooting. I am careful to backup, select, crop, adjust the white balance, color tone, and exposure for the hundreds photos as well as edit many other projects throughout the week. Because video includes audio and is much harder to edit, it can take up to 6 months to complete. 

Do I need a second or third photographer?

For larger events with more than 100 guests or a span of 8 or more hours of photography, it's a good idea to hire a second photographer as there are spontaneous moments that may happen at different locations at the same time. Working as a team, the other photographers can zero in on the details letting the main photographer focus on the action. It is impossible for a photographer to cover everything in a big event. The second photographer can also cover the groom during the earlier part of the day.

Do I need to hire an assistant?

For events, I always hire an assistant. They are crucial when there many activities with time constraints that happen throughout the day (like most weddings and events). The assistant, who has been professionally trained to deliver, install, move, hold lighting/sound equipment, upload photos/set up the projector and occasionally shoot, not only makes the photographers and videographer more efficient, they also ensure even lighting and most importantly, give the photographers and videographer more opportunities to create better photos and videos.

Can we meet before the wedding?

Sure, we can meet in person or if that's not possible, I also have Facetime and Skype.